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Practical Magic with Devanna Wolf

Magic is the process and practice of cultivating a relationship with the natural world and working with the life force energy that exists in all things in order to more intentionally harness the forces that govern our lives.
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Crystals & Crystal Grids Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the magical world of crystals through the lens of healing and metaphysics. We will discuss the scientific and esoteric applications of using crystals for its healing and medicinal properties as well as the different shapes and formations and their usage. We will touch briefly upon the chakra system and which crystals will benefit each chakra point. The second half of class will be a lesson on crystal grids: what they are for and how to create one! We will craft our very own as a group and set our collective intentions.
Hand-outs will be given as well as your very own crystal to take home with you.
Meet your instructor:
Dianne Mattucci is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and professional tarot reader originally from Salem, Massachusetts. She has taught several crystal classes for massage therapists, witches and the curious alike. She brings her magick to Portland, ME.
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